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Debt Consolidation

Finding a lender to help rebuild your credit record is now simply a Breez

Stressed out and losing sleep?

Why have sleepless nights over spiralling debts and loans? Why struggle to pay off high interest loans and credit facilities? Use the equity in your home to consolidate and make just one loan repayment. This will lower your monthly repayment and leave you with money to play with… or you could just pay off your loan even sooner.

Is it your turn for a fair go?

Don’t pay artificially high interest rates while trying to re-build your credit record. The Breez credit-repair program has a simple philosophy of offering one low interest rate to all our borrowers.

Don’t let credit problems get in your way

Even if you are ‘credit challenged’ due to defaults or judgements, all is not lost. A loan to suit your needs is still possible. With the Breez sub-prime product you can get back on track with your finances and have the opportunity to start showing a good repayment history.

You needn’t be embarrassed about your situation. Everyone gets into financial trouble occasionally. Find out how you can get back on track.

We will help you even if your finances and lifestyle situation are outside the square:

  • Minor or sever credit problems
  • Short term or casual employment
  • Short term self employed
  • Self employed without financials completed
  • Ex bankrupts
  • Pensioners

Breez takes all household income into consideration when determining your loan affordability, even casual employment and government benefits. Our loans cover a variety of circumstances, such as:

  • Investment properties
  • Construction loans
  • Large acreage properties
  • Removable and kit homes
  • Retirement village strata units
  • Contractors and owner builders
  • Specialised migrant loans
  • Non conforming properties
  • Student accommodation

We help you to rebuild your credit rating

You can use the equity in your property to consolidate your bills, purchase an investment home, or simply for lifestyle use. Once a consistent repayment history can be proven, you will once again be considered as an A1 credit customer, and reap the rewards of an even lower interest rate


We believe in giving people a fair go!