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Dwelling Insurance

If you own a property outright, it will give you peace of mind to have building insurance. Building insurance covers the structure of your home but more than just the walls and roof. It includes your garage, any outbuildings, perimeter walls, and your pool, damage caused by fire, explosion, lightning, earthquake, smoke damage, storm or flood damage, heating fuel leaks, subsidence, falling trees and branches (check your policy for full details).

If you are taking out finance on your property the lender will specify the minimum amount that the property is to be insured for. This is referred to as the re-build cost and this isn't the same as the market value of your property. You will need to ensure that your property is always held covered whilst it is mortgaged.

Buildings insurance is for the structure itself, walls/roof/ceilings and any fixtures and fittings (bathroom/kitchen) which aren't usually removable and are deemed permanent fixtures.This is usually requested by companies lending you a mortgage or sensible if you own a property outright.