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Eligibility for Hardship

Tough times often result in financial and/or mortgage stress, as consumers struggle to make ends meet and try to ride out the bad times in the hope that something better is just around the corner. Borrowers who find it difficult (or who are unable) to meet their loan repayments because of short-term financial difficulties, should speak to their lenders as soon as possible.

Breez is a member of the Credit Ombudsman Scheme (COSL). COSL says that in order to avoid defaulting on loans, incurring default fees and enforcement expenses and ultimately losing their homes, borrowers must approach their lender with haste and seek to vary their repayment obligations on grounds of financial hardship.

You must contact your lender BEFORE contacting COSL.

Discuss your options with our specially trained support staff…..

To prevent the problem escalating to the point of no return, it is a good idea to address the problem early. Communicate with us as soon as the problem is at hand. Talk to our specially trained support staff about various options available so that you can make an informed decision about your circumstances.

To progress your hardship application you need to explain how you can move beyond the period of financial hardship that you are currently experiencing and leave you in a position to meet your loan servicing requirements at the conclusion of the hardship relief period.


Our obligations

Your obligations

Consider the provision of short term assistance to you if you are facing temporary financial difficulty.

Complete the Hardship Application form and provide all the items on the Hardship Application Checklist that are relevant to your circumstances

Assess your Hardship Application

Always reply promptly to our requests for information.


Seek to establish to that there is a need to provide assistance and that the assistance provided will not merely delay an outcome that is inevitable.

Make whatever payments you can whilst your Hardship Request (or any subsequent dispute) is being considered

Be fair and conscionable when considering your Hardship Application

Be honest and upfront about your situation and all the income you earn and debts you owe.

Propose realistic repayment plan that will result in the repayment of your loan.