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Protecting your assets against all odds

Leaving your home and its contents unprotected against theft and damage is a very risky prospect. One small accident and your biggest asset could go up in smoke.

No-one leaves for work thinking that when they arrive home they will find their house burnt to the ground. Nor do they expect to have a car accident that day. And they certainly don’t expect to choose a tenant for their investment property who will maliciously damage their property and leave unpaid rent arrears. But these sorts of events are happening every day.

Better to be safe than sorry

Can you imagine how you and your family would cope if your home and contents were lost? Luckily there are insurance policies that can mitigate these risks. Purchasing and refinancing property is a great time to assess whether you have adequate insurance cover.

We offer insurances so that our customers can rest easily at night, secure in the knowledge that their property and possessions are safely insured. Our specialist insurance division caters for a wide range of insurances including: