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Managing Complaints

Our Disputes Resolution Policy

Whilst we try our best to bring you the best possible standard in product and service, we recognise that we may not meet everyone’s expectations, and you may even have cause to complain.

We would like you to tell us about your experiences or complaint so that we may have an opportunity to resolve the situation.

The key to resolving issues is to keep communicating with us and tell us early what problems you are experiencing. Collectively we have had years of experience in helping people resolve their issues. Together, we can work out a plan.

Before you get into such a difficult position that you are unable to recover, call us. We will investigate the complaint, answer your questions and do all we can to regain your confidence.

We have developed a set of procedures for handling concerns or disputes that involve our directors and senior management being aware of the issues that concern you. Information gathered will influence our future internal processes so that we can continue to deliver a best-practice standard of service and financial products.

How to complain

Step 1 Outline Your Complaint In Writing

It is usually best to write a letter of complaint outlining the issues so that the matter can be investigated. Make sure you include relevant dates, places and times, a description of the incident or problem, details of any phone conversations and meetings, any explanations you think are important, and copies of relevant documents. Explain what action you think should be taken to resolve your problem. Make sure your demands are reasonable. If your request is realistic and within the power of the person you are writing to, you are more likely to get your complaint resolved.

Step 2 Follow Up

Always request that your letter or phone call be acknowledged in writing. Ask the person responsible for sorting out your concerns for an estimate of how long it will take to deal with your complaint.

It is important that you keep copies of all the letters you send and receive as well as details of all telephone calls. You may need to provide evidence of your dealings with the organisation, particularly if you decide to refer the matter to another agency.

If for some reason nothing happens, call us to check on the progress of your complaint. It is likely that there is a logical explanation for any delays.

If your complaint is not properly resolved, or is not dealt with in a reasonable time, you may want to take it to our external disputes scheme.


We recognise that sometimes things don’t go as well as they should. We can’t solve everyone’s problem, but we do our genuine best to help you find ways to sort out the problems at hand. We will work with you to try to reach an outcome that is mutually satisfactory to yourself and our organisation.


When we just can’t agree.....

If together we still cannot resolve the issue, you may have a right to apply to the Credit Ombudsman Service.


Step 3 Lodge Dispute with External Disputes Scheme

Breez Finance belongs to the Credit Ombudsman Scheme (COSL) - you can contact them if your dispute has not been handled satisfactorily by our organisation.

(Before the Ombudsman can investigate the matter, you must have first given us the opportunity to review it).

In general, you can make a complaint to the COSL if you believe we have:

  • breached relevant laws
  • not met standards of good practice in the Credit Industry
  • acted unfairly towards you.

There are some types of disputes that COSL is unable to consider and a number of reasons why your complaint may not be able to be considered by the Credit Ombudsman Service, including:

  • if you are not the person to whom the credit services in question were directly provided

by the Member.

  • if you are claiming greater than $250,000
  • if your complaint is being, or has previously been, dealt with by a court, tribunal, arbitrator or other dispute resolution scheme
  • if the complaint is more appropriately dealt with by the courts or other procedure.

You can contact COSL by writing to the Credit Ombudsman Service at PO Box A252Sydney South, NSW, 1235 or telephone on 1800 138 422 or 02 9273 8400


Privacy Issues

If your dispute involves privacy issues and has not been resolved to your satisfaction you will be referred to:

The Privacy Commissioner

Phone: 1300 363 992



Our organisation’s Complaint and Resolution Procedure does not represent a waiver of any rights it may have under the law, or under any contract between you and our organisation. An example of a contract between you and our organisation may be the terms and conditions of a product.

This Guide is not a contract between you and our organisation, and it is not enforceable against us.