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Self Employed

We understand that running a business is complicated enough without the added stress of raising finance

Specialists in finance for the self employed.

There are enormous demands on your time and the last thing you want is a lender who won’t give you the time of the day. We understand the intricacies of business finance management and the need to finely balance profits against taxation liabilities.

We provide simple solutions for difficult deals. Our credit team is trained to decipher complex sets of financial statements. We understand how business works. Whether your last two years tax returns and financials are completed or not, we can still assist with great rates and great service. Lo-doc loans are available for businesses that wish to self-certify income.

Asset rich but cash poor?

Sounds like an asset lend may just be the loan that suits your circumstances. Use the assets you have built up to provide cash for investment opportunities that arise, or simply for future cashflow.

Credit problems?

Many business owners and contractors have glitches on their credit record. This does not mean that you are ineligible for a loan.

Just started your business?Don’t be discouraged as finance may be available for you too. Call one of our friendly credit underwriters to discuss your particular situation.

Business owners, contractors and tradespeople with unpaid debts, or even ex-bankrupts are able to obtain finance with Breez at competitive interest rates. Choose a loan perfectly designed for you.

Whatever your position Breez Finance will individually assess your circumstances and design a loan to suit you.

Self Managed Superannuation Funds

Your self-managed superannuation fund may be the perfect vehicle to get involved in property investment. You may create a superannuation investment portfolio that meets your exact needs. Don’t leave idle money in your super fund.

Use the money in your self managed superannuation fund to grow your investment portfolio…. it’s a smart choice.

Time to Get Smart

Self employed tradespeople can use their own labour and skills to build equity into their owner occupied and investment properties. There are many families that have multiple trades. Why not get together and renovate property? Building wealth together can be fun as well as financially rewarding.