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Finally! Alternative finance solutions for the retired population

Housing Cooperative Societies have been helping seniors with home loans since 1958.  In fact, they are still helping seniors today.  Breez Finance Corporation, one of Australia’s premier housing cooperatives, offers an alternative to the latest craze of reverse mortgages.   We offer loans from as low as $30,000.

Caring about customers enough to spend the time to properly explain the loan process is so hard to find these days – but that’s where Breez really is different. We take care to make sure you understand what you are getting involved in.

Call Breez Finance and you will be treated to personal service from our professionally trained staff . Your Loans Officer will answer any questions you may have whilst settling your loan.

Loans for any worthwhile purpose

Seniors need loans for lots of purposes and finding a lender that is prepared to make a straightforward 30 year loan to someone in their golden years is very difficult. We offer loan facilities that are tailor made to meet the needs of senior citizens. These loans can be provided to meet any personal, medical or contingency expenses, and home renovations. In fact for nearly any purpose.

Loans are generally granted on the basis of a 30 year loan, which allows for lower repayments. Loans can be repaid by making principal and interest payments, or there is a choice of interest only payments for the first 5 years of the loan. There is no penalty for making extra payments and you are only charged interest on the money you actually use.

For peace of mind your loan payments can be made by many methods, such as by cheque, pension-credit, telephone banking, and internet banking. Home loan statements are sent out twice yearly, or monthly on request.

Loans for migrant pensioners

Discussing finance can sometimes be particularly unnerving for pensioners. Many lack the confidence to speak with financial institutions, particularly if they need translation services. This is where the unbiased nature of housing cooperatives really comes into play. When you telephone us you will be pleasantly surprised by our friendly and courteous staff . We are determined to provide the highest level of individualised customer service. We are there to make your finance transaction simply a Breez!